Poetry: “Last Night I Prayed for Rain” by Mary Carroll Hackett

solstice moon rising early, joining me
to wait for the short night, long sun.
Last night I prayed for love, for what
there is to be won in the soaking, the drenching,
the washing away. Last night I prayed
to be empty, to be full. The moon fell behind
clouds, behind my wanting, but not before
dropping silver coins into my upraised hands,
not before the flowers around me turned
to say my name in their silver voices, to say You
are empty You are full You are empty You are
, just before the lightning started,
just before the storm came.

Last Night I Prayed For Rain originally appeared in Consequence Magazine on April 25th 2017
Photo Credit: Basetrack 1/8
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Mary Carroll-Hackett

Mary Carroll-Hackett is the author of six collections of poetry: The Real Politics of Lipstick, Animal Soul, If We Could Know Our Bones, The Night I Heard Everything, Trailer Park Oracle, and A Little Blood, A Little Rain. Her newest collection, Death for Beginners, will be out from Kelsey Books in September 2017. Mary teaches in the Creative Writing programs at Longwood University and with the low-residency MFA faculty at West Virginia Wesleyan. Mary is currently at work on a novel.

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