David James

David James served as a Fire Support Officer in the 173d Airborne in Afghanistan from 2005-2006 and 2007-2008. He now teaches English in Italy where he lives with his wife and twin daughters. His hobbies include reading, writing, and rock climbing. He agrees with Borges that "reading is an activity subsequent to writing: more resigned, more civil, more intellectual". He maintains a personal blog at tigerpapers.net.

Mary Doyle

Mary L. Doyle aimed to prove her brother wrong when she joined the Army on his dare. Almost two decades later, she not only confirmed that she could, contrary to his warning, make it through basic training, her combat boots took her to the butt-end of nowhere and back countless times and she lived to tell about it … or write about it as it turned out. Unafraid of genre jumping, Mary has co-authored two memoirs, including those of Shoshana Johnson, which covers her time as POW in the Iraq War; a three-book mystery series, a four-novella erotic romance series, and has just published the first book in a planned urban fantasy series. Mary served almost two decades in the Army Reserve and spent much of her civilian career telling the Army story as an Army broadcaster through stories, documentaries, spots and training videos. Stationed in Germany and Korea and the U.S., her work has taken her to the far corners of the world from Central America to the Middle East and all across Western and Eastern Europe.

Matthew J. Hefti

Fiction and Poetry Editor

Matthew J. Hefti is the author of A Hard and Heavy Thing (Gallery / Simon & Schuster 2016), which was named to Booklist's Top Ten Debut Novels of 2016 and Military Times Top Ten Novels of the Year. A Hard and Heavy Thing was also awarded the Wisconsin Library Association's Outstanding Achievement Recognition, and it was selected by the Women's National Book Association as a Great Group Read for National Book Club Month in 2016. Matthew's work has appeared in print in anthologies such as The Road Ahead: Fiction from the Forever War (Pegasus Books 2017), Retire the Colors (Hudson Whitman 2016), MFA vs. NYC: The Two Cultures of American Fiction (Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2014) and others. His literary criticism and cultural and personal essays have appeared at Literary Hub and Electric Literature, among many others. Matthew is a fiction and poetry editor for the Wrath-Bearing Tree. He spent 12 years as an explosive ordnance disposal technician, deploying twice to Iraq and twice to Afghanistan. While enlisted, he earned a BA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing. After he left the military, he got his JD from the University of Wisconsin Law School, where he worked for two years with the Wisconsin Innocence Project. He now works as Research and Writing Associate Counsel at Gulf Region Advocacy Center (GRACE) in Houston, Texas. GRACE is a non-profit charity law office that provides free, high-quality capital defense to clients who face the death penalty but have no means to pay for representation.

Amalie Flynn

Amalie Flynn is a poet and the author of WIFE AND WAR: THE MEMOIR (2013) and a collection of poetry blogs: SEPTEMBER ELEVENTH, WIFE AND WAR, and THE SUSTAINABILITY OF US. Flynn’s writing has appeared in THE NEW YORK TIMES, TIME, and THE HUFFINGTON POST and has received mention from THE NEW YORK TIMES and CNN. Currently she is working on a poetic eco-memoir project – about land, language, the rights of the most vulnerable among us, and the sustainability of it all – and a poetic fiction project – about guns in America. Flynn has a BA in English/Studio Arts, an MFA in Creative Writing, and a PhD in Humanities. Flynn lives in Rhode Island with her husband and their two children. She is interested in politics and narrative and how they – and us – are intertwined.

Adrian Bonenberger

Adrian Bonenberger is an author, essayist, journalist and provocateur. He published his war memoirs, Afghan Post, through The Head and The Hand Press. He believes that logic based on indisputable facts is a good intellectual’s shield, and humor based on an emotional understanding of those facts is the good intellectual’s sword. He has had many adventures over the course of his time on earth, and enjoyed most of them. Past lives include Ernst Junger, “Sir” Philip Sidney, and that guy at the round table Arthur’s Knights were always telling to shut up

Drew Pham

Drew Pham is a Brooklyn based writer. He deployed to Afghanistan with the 10th Mountain Division.

Andria Williams

Andria Williams is the author of The Longest Night (Random House, 2016), which was Amazon's debut novel for January of that year and a Barnes & Noble "Discover" pick. Since 2014 she has been the editor of the Military Spouse Book Review, which publishes essays and book reviews by women connected to the military. Andria grew up in northern California with public-school-teacher parents, got her English degree from UC-Berkeley and her M.F.A. in fiction writing from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. When presented with two books, she will always choose fiction.

Michael Carson

Michael Carson served as a U.S. Army Infantry Officer from 2005 to 2009. He studied history in New England and presently lives on the Gulf Coast with his wife and son.

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